Transient Student Admission Application

Transient students are students currently enrolled at a Florida public college or university who register for courses at another Florida public college or university on a temporary basis (e.g., university student attending summer semester at a state college). In order to take courses at another institution, you must receive approval from your home institution. The application will initiate your request and be routed to the appropriate personnel.  (Please note that Transient Student Admission Applications processed through this website are for students currently enrolled at Florida’s public colleges or universities. If you are currently enrolled in, or are applying to, a private college or university, please contact that private institution for information and instructions regarding transient admissions.)

Before you get started:

  1. You must be currently enrolled at a Florida public college or university and plan to take the course(s) at another Florida public college or university.
  2. Have the course information ready (including course prefix, number, credit hours, and title).
    Note: Course(s) from the Distance Learning Catalog will be pre-populated in the application.
  3. Complete application for course(s) at a single institution. If you wish to take courses from different institutions, separate applications are required for each institution.
  4. Check the institution's admissions deadline for the desired term and year (check the institution's website to determine deadlines).
  5. Be aware that an admissions application fee may be required by the institution.